Sunday, May 29, 2011

Greetings from ALIEN Biz.!


Welcome to ALIEN Biz web page. If you're looking (or maybe not even looking) for illustrated medical notes, you've come to the right place:)

How did it all start?

The Art Part:

I love arts and crafts since I was small and drawing is my favourite. I love doodling in class. But since it made me supremely guilty to be drawing while I should be concentrating, my guilt has been lessened ever since I combined doodling and lessons. So my mindmaps are based on lectures (or whatever I can catch) and then I'd update them with the lecture notes and sometimes from the textbooks (though not all the time).

The Sharing Part

Alhamdulillah, it's been drilled into my head from my dedicated lecturers and my beloved seniors that: In order to be good in medicine, you need to discuss, teach and explain to other people. I found this very true during study groups. When I was incharge of a certain topic, I ended up reading a few books on it and making sure I do understand it fully so that I can teach. So, in these notes, when I know that I'm going to share them with other people, I do my best to show them as simple and organized as possible. And I normally keep them to just one page.


I'm not a brainy student and I admit I don't score all that well (sometimes because I don't take time to memorize anatomy. My favourites are pathophysiologies where I can see all the connections.) But I do love explaining to people (when I understand it of course), and I do like showing that things are interconnected and can be explained through pictures. I don't promise that these notes will make you a super smart student. The drawings can never replace real life signs and symptoms so you still need to look at photographs or a real patient. But I hope it can help you remember and understand better when notes are structured and illustrated, InsyaAllah.

Notes are based on textbooks and lectures. I'll ensure that the references are stated.

Human error

Sometimes you write somethings down because it's somehow important but you don't exactly know what it means or how it's related- I do that too. And sometimes while I do check what I write, I still make mistakes. I do not guarantee 100% correction. If there is something wrong in the notes, I tremendously appreciate corrections:)


No one likes their works to be photocopied. I appreciate greatly direct orders from me. Those who do, you'll get updates, enjoy discounts and freebies:) and let's be honest here- people need money. I need money. A percentage of the money I get will go for charity projects I'm working on; and this will be updated.

A professor told us: Allah may not like you for the sins you've done. But because of what you want to do for the Ummah, and because Allah loves the Ummah, He will grant your prayers. May Allah accept this as a contribution to the Ummah. 



  1. salam..kak alia, notes mbbs je ke? bpharm xde ke..? xde ke senior yg nk buat notes bpharm?

  2. Salam Effa:) emm... I'm from MBBS:P So my notes are based on my classes and the things I learn, combined from textbooks, practicals, lectures for MBBS classes. For Bpharm notes, you can try asking your seniors? I don't know if anyone does notes:)