Sunday, May 29, 2011

OSCE: Illustrated Set


Exam fever is on in CUCMS. Rawr!
For those interested in purchasing my notes on the OSCE: Illustrated Set, you can make your orders here at RM 5 for the whole set.

Systems include:
Lymph Nodes
Nervous System (Sensory and Motor)

The notes are based on CUCMS' Examination Checklist with elaboration from Macleod's Clinical Examination book.
NOTE: Only Nervous System notes are based on lecture and slides during Dr Maisarah's CST class. Further information/elaboration are by lectures from Nervous System block.

Why Copy? Get Ori!
Direct orders from ALIEN Biz. will receive updates and future freebies through email.
A percentage of the income will go to Somali Refugee Community for a project I'm working on.

Bittaufiq wannajah to all MBBS 0910 students!:)

Any corrections on the set will be humbly accepted and very much appreciated.

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